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Welcome to Nakamura Technical laboratory

1. Background

 In recent years, cutting-edge packaging technology development is fierce. In addition to securing ability, cost reduction is required.
Packaging technology has evolved from a wafer level package(WLP) to a panel level package(PLP) which is further increased in area to reduce cost. Preventing warp deformation is an important technical issue because of the large area of any substrates.

2. Abstract

 I’d like to provide you the analysis software(VESAP) which can be solve the warp deformation and viscoelastic stress. I’m sure that the VESAP is useful for helping you to get optimization of materials, structure and manufacturing process design for preventing warpage, crack and delamination of multi-laminated substrates constructed with various materials for electronics substrates, such as WLP and PLP, etc.

3. Advantages of VESAP

  1. The VESAP can analyze the warp deformation and thermal stress of various substrates in a very short time within about 1 minute.
  2. Pre-processing for analysis is very simple and easy compering to ordinary Finite Element Analysis. So, everyone who hasn’t experience of analysis before can use the VESAP easily.
  3. The VESAP considers the viscoelasticity of the materials whose properties depend on temperature and time. So, the analysis results are very accurate compared to the experiment values.
  4. The VESAP is a coupled analysis of thermal and stress analysis
  5. The VESAP is a cheap price that is very easy to purchase. Although it is usually about3million yen, I offer cheaper as academic price.